New Jersey pushes forward with new gambling regulations

When Gov. Chris Christie finally signed the online gambling bill, it became obvious that the state will compete with Nevada and Delaware. The three states are the first to set a legal framework for online games and attracting prominent companies is the main priority. Poker Stars is among those interested to join this market, but due to the fact that Nevada has a bad actor clause preventing them from entering, they focus on New Jersey as stated at


Unlike Nevada lawmakers who are only concerned about legalizing online poker, New Jersey aims to cover all types of gambling. This is why online casinos are desperate to secure market share and bring their games in complete accord with the laws. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement spearheads the offensive and the commission has already prepared a preliminary draft. If these proposals pass, then it is expected that the first companies will start operating within the state borders in 2014.

David Rebuck is one of the supporters of this new bill and the one who reminded the gaming community that New Jersey is one of the most supportive states for this industry. The authorities are just as concerned about receiving the proper amounts through taxation, as to create a safe environment for players. It is essential for the online casinos to address sensitive issues such as age verification and provide players with ways of fighting addiction when this becomes an issue.

Among these proposals, one that has generated mixed feelings is setting a deposit limit at $2500 and after this threshold is hit, the player will need to set daily limits. The idea is to limit the effects of addiction while allowing players to enjoy their favorite games in complete accord with the law. The poker companies are more concerned about the costs of the gambling permits and the annual fees, with the amounts revolving around values of $400,000. For the time being, this is nothing more than a project that could pass or be repelled on June 3 with the regulators to decide within 60 days.

Football themed slots galore at Omni Online Casino

This is the time for the final countdown for most European Championships while the prestigious Europa League and in the Champions League are also reaching their conclusion. As football fans prepare for a lengthy break, those who play online casino games are in for a pleasant surprise from Playtech. The online casino software developer has released two games that go by the name of Football Girls and Football Fans and leave no doubt about their theme.

slotocash Football Themed Slots Online

They’re going to keep players wired for months and make it much easier to go through the summer drought, until their favorite sport starts anew. The Football Girls is a brilliant combination between the sport and some gorgeous girls, making it a treat for both hard-core football enthusiasts and regular fans. Any slot game would be pointless without decently high prizes and interesting bonus rounds, something that the aforementioned slot has in abundance.

The Football Bonus will bring forward five football players who appear scattered on the second screen with the player being asked to pick three of them. Depending on their choice, they can win a larger or smaller amount but they are guaranteed not to leave empty-handed. There are also free spins to be won and they are offered by the good-looking ladies, making it a win-win situation for those who get involved in the bonus game.

Those who are wondering whether these two slot games will be available on the mobile platform ran by Playtech, will probably be disappointed. On the bright side, there are plenty of titles available right now and more will soon follow, not to mention that one day football themed slots might be introduced too. Football Fans is the other game released by Playtech that went live at casinos powered by their software, featuring slightly different signs and innovative game mechanics.

The symbols depict fans, players, beer, balls and air horns and there are two bonus rounds that stand out from the crowd. The Grab A Beer feature challenges the player to find the bonuses hit and be behind 15 spots while the Penalty Kicks is all about free spins. Regardless of which of them gets triggered, players are right to expect a nice return on investment and a lot of fun. All Playtech have already included these two games in their rotation, but prospective players should do their due diligence and undertake research.