WinPalace Casino announces 125% cashback promo

slotsguidanceWhen you make a deposit, you don’t want to think about the prospect of losing the investment but losing, just as winning, is a part of playing online casino games. WinPalace Casino helps you make up your mind this January, by unveiling its latest 125% cashback promo, aimed at alleviating the losses of those who run out of luck. Everything you need to know about this campaign, including the duration and limits can be found at

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to make subsequent deposits, each of them exceeding $100. The first deposit will result in a 100% cashback, while the second will raise the antes and provide you with a better return on investment. The best part is that those who choose to take advantage of this promotion, won’t find it conflicting with other bonuses or special codes. In a nutshell, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, while mitigating the risks of losing.

Speaking of promotions that can be used in conjunction with the aforesaid one, check out the LUCKYWIN codes that range from 1 to 5. Each one has a corresponding percentage at which the deposit is matched, starting at 200% for a minimum deposit of $21 and going all the way up to 364% for those who deposit $500. The particularity of this bonus code is that it is only suitable for those who are willing to play exclusively slot games.

Assuming you have different plans and table games on your mind, you will have six CARD promotional codes ranging from 1 to 6. The same mechanism is in order, with the minimal accepted amount being $21 while the most generous bonus applies to those who deposit at least $500. At least in theory, players should have an easier time in beating the odds with their initial deposit multiplied several times, but it is also refreshing to know that you have the safety net of a cashback offer in place.