888’s Nightmare on Elm Street is scary yet profitable

Now that Halloween is drawing near we shouldn’t be surprised to see an inflation of themed slots, but those who aim for the very best don’t need to look elsewhere than 888. The Casino is spearheading the offensive of scary titles with their own Nightmare on Elm Street, which promises to become the number one attraction of the fall. The question is what makes this game different and special from all the other horror games released in October by various online casinos? One of the arguments in favor to 888’s take on the classic is the high prize pool, and the other is the authenticity of the slot.

Developed in a partnership with Warner Bros, Nightmare on Elm Street will capture the very fragrance of the eerie character depicted in the horror movies. It will be particularly rewarding for those who also watched the movies back in the 80s to play this slot as a lot of attention was paid to the visuals. Players decide how many lines they want to bet on depending on resources and expectations, using arrows as means to navigate through the menus. There is no room for confusion as the amounts wagered are clearly displayed and players will always be aware of the sums they bet.

The wins are the direct result of the amounts wagered with the exception being the scatter symbol with transcends the paylines and opens new ways of winning. Just the highest win is going to be compensated on a payline, but the amount can be boosted by making the maximum bet. For a chance of playing the scariest but also the most profitable game of the fall, visit http://www.888.com/sem/nightmare.htm.