Are bonus screen games worth pursuing?

There are various types of slots online worth playing, but the ones who have a bonus screen game stand out from the crowd. The prospect of significant profits draws people like a magnet, but a reasonable player will not let himself distracted by the elusive bonuses and think things over. One of these games that are incredibly popular online is the Lucky Charmer which is available in all Microgaming casinos, as it was created by this software developer. To find out which are the casinos offering this slot game, head on to

Percentage wise the differences between regular slots and the ones featuring a bonus screen game are negligible, with the best casinos offering payouts that come close to 97%. This might sound hard to believe for players who play a lot of traditional slots and then make the transition to this one, but the explanation resides in the way the payouts are handed. The regular reels are paying less, and with a single wild symbol there will be fewer occasions when it will come into play to increase the winnings. Another thing that will be deeply missed is the “any bar” feature which is a main source of profits in regular slots.

If we were to stop with the analysis right here, the conclusion we would draw might not reflect the truth because it is the bonus game that compensates the lower wins. One can win over 2000 coins when playing Lucky Charmer and the same principle applies to all slot games that have a bonus feature. Although these wins are rare and variance is higher, on the long run players will not win less than they would by playing traditional slot games.