Microgaming prepares festival themed games

In an attempt to present those who love online casino games with an impressive lineup for 2013, Microgaming developed a collection of festival themed games. It all begins with the first celebration which is Saint Valentine’s Day and in honor of this joyful day, the software developer released Burning Desire. The slot game has 243 ways to win and the top payout is of 3000 coins, with players being required to unveil five wild symbols. There is no shortage of free spins for those who find three or more scatter symbols, and the gamble game is by now a common feature in Microgaming slot games.

Mardi Gras starts a bit later, but players can already enjoy a slot game depicting the popular festival with Mardi Gras Fever. Every single symbol that graces the reels gets you thinking about this year’s event and the generous payouts are only the icing on the cake. Among the signs that players will discover scattered on the reels, the most striking ones are the Samba dancing calls, a jester, jazz musicians and dragons.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated event is Saint Patrick’s Day, but those who prefer to celebrate this day somewhere else than in a bar or pub, should check out Rainbow’s End. This is Microgaming’s take on the yearly event and it can be a very lucrative way of spending the holiday. There are two symbols that offer top payments, and these are the pot of gold which works as a wild symbol and the leprechaun. This is the scatter symbol and when at least three of them are discovered, players received 15 free spins.

Discover Hollywood glamour with Playtech slots

Playtech has been at the forefront of Hollywood inspired slot games, and 2012 saw them releasing three major titles. All of them are live in casinos using their software, and attract plenty of players despite the fact that they are not linked to any progressive jackpots. One of the first and probably the most popular ones is a slot game based on the blockbuster Rocky and featuring all of the notable characters in the movie. His opponents and the five letters that make up his name are all low-paying symbols, while Rocky himself is the wild symbol and it can replace all other signs.

The only exception is the scatter symbol which is represented by the Rocky logo, and triggers a total of 25 free spins with twice as generous payouts while they are active. While this slot game kept players wired for many months, it will have a hard time competing with another Playtech game, titled Marilyn Monroe. The lead character in this game also represents the wild symbol and it can in certain circumstances trigger payouts of 10,000 coins. What makes this slot games special is that it features more than one minigames, that awards both free spins and payouts that are multiplied several times.

Arguably the most popular minigame is the Backstage Bonus because in addition to engrossing game mechanics and beautiful animations, it is also the one that triggers the release of top payouts. Speaking of which, Playtech players shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of playing John Wayne slot game which takes them back in time into the wild West. Minigames, free spins and bonus rounds are all aimed at preserving the players’ interest intact and keep the returning for more.

Let the Sirens and Goblins charm you

It is common knowledge that giving in to the charms of sirens usually translates into an untimely death, but players have nothing to worry about the Sirens slot game. Cryptologic is at the forefront of developing casino games and this title combines some of the most popular elements that are traditionally associated with the underwater environment. There are solid links with mythology, and it comes as no surprise that the leading character is Ulysses who successfully resists the Sirens charm while returning home from his extraordinary voyage.

Furthermore, Ulysses is also the wild symbol while his ship stands for the scatter symbol, which is responsible for triggering free spins. Like in most slot games developed by Cryptologic the minimum number of scatter symbols is three, but the more the player discovers, the more numerous the free spins are. The other symbols are also in the same register and players will be charmed by the attention paid to details when crafting the mythical creatures. Another title created by Realtime Gaming goes by the name of Goblin’s Treasure and presents a different side of the mythological world.

Once again the emphasis is placed on the sound and visual effects, with trolls, dragons ogres and goblins appearing all over the reels. It was only natural for the goblins to represent the wild symbols, but the treasure chest plays an equally important role. The difference between these two wild symbols is that the goblins pop up only on the first reel, while the treasure chest appears on the fifth. Prizes are increased when more of them appear on the reels and the highest payouts are released when both of them pop-up at the same time as an additional 15 free spins are released.

Ghost Rider slots scare you for the right reasons

Playtech did a fine job in capturing the very essence of the grim character that the Ghost Rider is, in a slot game that was developed in partnership with Marvel Movies. The end result is a title that runs on a flawless software and draws a lot of inspiration from a rich lore, basically the recipe for success. Since the age limit of 18 years is already in place for gambling purposes, there is no reason to worry about how frightened players might be. The legend of the Ghost Rider is one that many movie aficionados are familiar with, but those who play this slot game for the first time are worth remembering it.

Johnny Blaze was supposed to be a stunt motorcyclist that was caught between a rock and a hard place and forced by circumstances to cut a deal with the devil. In order to save his mentor, he sold his soul and so the Ghost Rider was born, doomed to forever wander the world on his motorcycle. Some might find the story inspiring others would deem it as a bit cheesy, but everyone who plays Playtech’s latest installment will agree that the slot game is remarkable. Since the software developer was provided with such a popular theme, it would’ve been quite a shame to neglect the story behind it.

Fortunately it paid attention to details and a simple glance at the symbols populating the reels will confirm their commitment. Besides the Bible, the contract and the demon Mephisto, the flaming skull stands out from the crowd as the wild symbol which appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. Just like in every other Playtech slot games, the payouts are multiplied during free spins, which are awarded by the Ghost Rider logo which represents the scatter symbol.

Cryptologic brings the finest Super Women

It is time to turn the heat on a notch by enjoying some of the finest game slots featuring super women and Cryptologic’s take should appeal to a broad audience. There are two titles that the software developer has recently introduced and they go by the game of Elektra and Wonder Woman. The first character was created by Marvel Comics while the latter invented by DC Comics and both of them enjoy a huge popularity among those who love comics. Each slot game is consistent with your original theme and all the symbols evoke the characters that millions are familiar with.

Elektra represents the wild symbol in the game bearing the same name and when it appears on any wheels, it can trigger the fixed jackpot of 5000 coins. The visuals have also been greatly improved and the transition from the static comics to dynamic animations couldn’t be better. Another high-paying symbol is the Elektra and Daredevil while the scatter symbol is the Elektra logo. This is the one that marks the beginning of the Shoot the Ninjas feature, which enables players to win 250 times more than the amounts they wager. The purpose of the minigame is to shift as many ninjas as possible without missing.

Those who appreciate grandiose introductions, will surely be impressed by the manner in which Wonder Woman kicks off and the best thing is that everything gets better. Our heroine uses a vast array of weapons and abilities to defeat our opponents and the animations can sometimes distract players from the sheer prizes. Some of the most popular symbols are the tiara, the lasso of truth but also Artemis and Ares.

Microgaming launches Give Sonic 7s slots game

This is truly the season to be jolly, especially if you are a fan of slot games because Microgaming is on a releasing spree. The latest title to hit online casinos powered by its software is Sonic 7s which incorporates some of the most popular features found in Microgaming and introduces a brand-new one. Players will be thrilled discover the way the Power Spins work and will be even happier to hear that this feature is responsible for significant payouts. Newcomers are invited to take a leap of faith and step into the future, as futuristic symbols populate Sonic 7s.

As you might suspect given the name of this slot game, sevens play a central role in Sonic 7s and the largest payouts are awarded when this digit is present in various combinations. There are three different types of 7s and it is color that differentiates them, with the red, gray and blue sevens being scattered all over the reels. Cherries, single and triple bars as well as bells are the other signs and when sevens and bars are combined in a certain pattern, payouts are awarded. The largest prizes are collected by those who line up identical signs, especially sevens.

Microgaming proved to be far less imaginative when it came to assigning a symbol as the scatter, with this sign being the Scatter logo. Regular symbols don’t have any animation, but the scatter and wild ones compensate by charming players with beautiful visuals, in addition to significant prizes. It is entirely up to the player to activate the Power Spins feature or not, because what it does is to enable players to increase the wagers. Those who don’t mind taking chances will discover that when all nine paylines are active the profits can increase as much as eight times, which justifies the risks taken.

New Polar themed slot games from Microgaming

With winter knocking on our doorsteps, it comes as no surprise that Microgaming chose to launch a series of Polar themed slot games. One of them is known as Polar Pioneers and all the symbols are consistent with the Arctic Circle, so players should expect to see plenty of polar bears, Huskies, pick axes and explorers while playing this game. The explorer represents the wild symbol while the huskies are the scatter symbol, and two of them trigger the new feature called 2nd Chance Respin Bonus Game.

Basically what happens is that those reels that have the huskies on them will stop and only the rest will continue to spin. Players are rewarded with credits for hitting winning combinations and this happens before the respins and after them as well. The gamble feature was also introduced in this slot game, so players have the option of risking their profits for the sake of higher payouts. The game is presented in details at http://livecasinodirect.co.uk/casino-games/video-slots/review-new-online-slot-polar-pioneers/.

This is not the only polar theme game released by Microgaming, with Polar Bash being just as amusing and potentially profitable. The idea behind this slot game is a party held by the animals, with symbols that include penguins, polar bears, walruses, whales, and huskies as well as snowmen and igloos. The scatter symbols are the North Pole and the fish, with the latter triggering the special Ice Fishing Bonus. When this occurs, players have to select three fish and depending on their luck they can win more or less bonus credits. As many as 25 free spins are awarded by the North Pole symbol and during these special rounds all payouts are doubled.

Western Frontier slot game invites you to go beyond borders

It looks like no matter how many videogames, movies or casino games revolving around Cowboys and Indians will be developed, the audience will never get bored with them. With titles such as Western Frontier it is even less likely for slots enthusiasts to forsake Western themed games, because this one has everything that avid players look for in a game. First of all, it is important to mention that it is a five reel, 15 pay line slot game with a maximum wagering amount of 150 coins. This translates into potential winnings of as much as 36,000 coins, making it an excellent entertainment for highrollers.

The rest of the players will probably wager amounts that are closer to the minimum bet of 0.01 coins, and savor the beautiful graphics and inspired sound effects. Don’t worry about being presented with black-and-white images, because visually Western Frontier is a slot game that is on par with any others depicting modern times. The hunt for bonuses has to begin with the Free Games Bonus, which has two stages that begin with the Indian one and concludes with the cowboy stage.

The wild symbols are collected during the first stage and they influence the multiplier, which apply to the second stage and this makes it the most lucrative one. The profits are doubled by default, but those players who are not satisfied with these winnings and are willing to take some chances to increase them can always resort to the Gamble feature. The benefit of playing a game developed by Microgaming is that so many online casinos are powered by their software, therefore it should be no problem in finding a place to enjoy Western Frontier.

Break the ice with Microgaming’s Break Away slot

There are only a couple of hockey themed slot games, which is rather difficult to explain given how popular this sport is in North America. Unfortunately for NHL fans an agreement hasn’t been reached yet between the players and the league, so the season is on temporary lockdown and there is no reason for optimism. Meanwhile they can find all the thrills they seek in Break Away slot, not to mention the chance of winning large prizes while enjoying their favorite game. While they are deprived of the chance of seeing hockey rings, skates, ice makers, referees or masks on TV, all of these are available as symbols.

There are exactly 243 winning combinations, and the best paying ones are triggered or enhanced by the Break Away logo which serves the role of a wild symbol. This particular slot game has no less than 40 such symbols, and things get even better when they appear on the fourth and five reel as stacked once. The scatter symbol is the flaming puck, and just like in most Microgaming slot games, at least three of them are required for a payout. When it comes to free spins, the bonus round can award 15 to 25 such spins and multipliers are used to maximize the profits they deliver.

No slot game these days is complete without bonus features, and Break Away has two of them that stand out from the crowd. Smashing Wild is the most visually attractive one, because before the payout is awarded, players are also treated with a brief animation depicting two ice hockey players crashing into each other. Less exciting but equally lucrative is the Rolling Reels feature which has the role of increasing the prizes awarded after successive free spins.

Discover the raw and wild ‘Untamed’ slot games

The series consists of three distinct games that go by the name of Wolf Pack, Bengal Tiger and Giant Panda and they are all available at Ladbrokes Casino. Each of them is centered around a mighty beast and although it might appear like the similarities between them outshine the differences, they are all unique and worth playing. There are 243 ways of winning when playing Untamed Wolf Pack and the action takes place in the endless Canadian forests, whose image is greatly enhanced by state-of-the-art graphics.

This slot game just like the other two in the untamed series has two unique features known as Running Wilds or the Collect-A-Wild. Tokens and free spins are awarded doing these special rounds, adding even more opportunities to win without increasing the amount wagered, hence taking additional risks. Untamed Bengal Tiger suggests a dramatic change of decor, with players being transported to the tropical jungles where the creature leads. The game mechanics are not very different but the Lucky Nudge and Gamble features provide players with the impetus to persevere, regardless of their former experience with the untamed series.

The Gamble function transcends the three games and it is also present in the third title, so you won’t be missing out on potential profits by shifting to Giant Panda slot game. This feature caters for high risk takers who are presented with the option of increasing the chances they take for the sake of extra profits. If they are not satisfied by the payouts generated by the Collect-A-Wild and Trailing Wilds features, there is always the option of resorting to this rather risky function to maximize returns.