Paddy Power Casino offers free spins on Marvel slots

Marvel superheroes have spent a lot of time in the spotlight in 2014 and there are good reasons to expect more blockbuster movies to be released in 2015. Meanwhile, slot machines aficionados are having a great time spinning the reels and Paddy Power Casino is on the places where all the games are available. This month, the online gambling operator decided to greatly increase the paychecks of those who play these games and are lucky enough as to hit a winning combination.Paddy Power Casino offers free spins on Marvel slots

The idea is to build on the already healthy community that cherishes Marvel inspired slot machines, while drawing attention on the most recent titles. Regardless of how much money they win as a result of winning the reels, players will have the profits maximize by a certain percentage. Only those who have a real money account qualifies for this promotion, even though it is possible to play slot machines on virtual currency, just for the fun of it.

Only the games inspired by Marvel qualify for this promotion and there are a total of six games to choose from: Iron Man 2 and 3, Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin, The Incredible Hulk and X-Men. It makes no difference if you bet a lot of money or choose to wager the minimum amount allowed because the outcome will be the same. The prizes are awarded absolutely random, so highrollers and beginners have exactly the same opportunities, with no distinction whatsoever.

The games have been tweaks to run smoothly on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, so it is entirely up to the players to choose their device of choice. The best case scenario is to hit a winning combination and receive 10 free spins, which implies a minimum deposit of €100. The only advantage that highrollers have over their counterparts is that if they deposit at least €500, the number of free spins awarded to them will be increased to 50.

All these offers are a part of the grand Marvel Free Spins Giveaway which will conclude at the end of the first week in February. Time is quickly running out and will be quite a shame to miss out on the opportunity of boosting your bankroll, while having a great time with popular slots. Only the slot machines featuring the instantly recognizable Marvel superheroes qualify for this campaign.

Cosmik Casino adds 5 new deposit bonuses

Online casinos routinely offer first deposit bonuses to their members, but they demand players to save money and invest the entire amount at once. This adds unnecessary pressure on new members and sometimes prevent them from maximizing the return on investment. Cosmik Casino has a different approach and those who check out the bonus terms and conditions, will find out that the five new deposit bonuses are far more convenient than the traditional offers.slotsguidance

To cut right to the chase, prospective customers should check out The Player Welcome Bonus has the deposit matched by 150%, without exceeding €1500, with the players being supposed to deposit €1000. The bonus is supposed to be played through 35 times before any withdrawals are allowed, which is in line with industry standards.

Whether the players feel the need to further enhance their bankroll before playing, or are unlucky and lose the initial investment, they will have their second deposit matched by 50%. The amount is once again capped at €1500, but this time, players are supposed to deposit €3000 while spinning the combined amount through 25 times.

The good news is that things turn from good to better when you make the third deposit, which is also matched by 50%, up to €495. The same wagering requirements apply and this makes you eligible for the fourth deposit bonus of €560, representing the investment matched by 100%. In this particular case, the players will have to play through the deposit bonus 30 times, while the fifth deposit bonus of 150% is once again of €1500.

Players can have €10,000 to use at any games in the online offer, by simply taking advantage of these five deposit bonuses. It is possible to cash in on all this money on the same day if you have the resources to make those five deposits in a quick succession. The vast majority of players will prefer to take it one step at a time, make the initial deposit and see how things work out for them, before making another investment.

Mega Fortune made another player rich at Mr Green Casino

Progressive jackpots have the reputation of making players rich overnight, but when someone actually becomes a millionaire, the impact on fellow players is stronger. Mr Green Casino is the place where some of the most popular progressive jackpot slot games are available and a few days ago, someone scored a big hit on the Mega Fortune.slotsguid

It was obvious that the jackpot will cross another psychological threshold as it surpassed €1.5 million and the number of aspiring players was on the rise. Until now, the jackpot still evaded all the players and the one who will score the winning combination will claim a seven digit amount. Meanwhile, a lucky player from Norway took in excess of €140,000 playing the very same game and winning one of the lower tier jackpots. He spends just a few dollars, so the return on investment was spectacular.

The announcement about his victory was made on the official website and the lucky Norwegian received plenty of messages congratulating him for his accomplishment. Mr Green Casino makes it easy to cash out even these huge amounts, so those who are lucky enough to take down the jackpot don’t have to worry about how long it would take to withdraw the amount.

The well-being of its members is the top priority for Mr Green Casino, but these guys also found the time to give something back to the community. They responded to the ice bucket challenge in an attempt of raising awareness about “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” also known as the ALS. Under normal circumstances, when people get challenged, they have to decide between donating $100 to the ALS Association or dumping a bucket full of cold water on top of their heads.

Once again, Mr Green Casino exceeded expectations, because they donated the required amount and also perform the famous challenge. A donation of €1000 was made and the staff didn’t hesitate to go through the icy cold ordeal, while challenging Owen Heary, the manager of Bohemian FC and the entire Green team. Members can follow the example and make a small donation to the aforesaid charitable foundation, if they prefer not to send shivers down their spines by dumping all that icy water on their heads.

Lights is the game of the week at BetVictor

Every week something new happens at BetVictor and those who pay attention to these new promotions have a lot to gain. In August, the online casino plans on running a string of campaigns that will bring one particular slot machine in the spotlight for seven days. There are plenty of reasons to pay attention to the new titles, because those who play these games will receive 25 free spins.casinoslotsguide

One week has already ended, but for the next seven days, BetVictor should focus on “Lights”, which was recently revealed as the new game of the week. This is a great way to spend a couple of minutes or even hours having fun over the Internet, because the title is already immensely popular with casino members. It was first introduced here and even though it is now possible to play at several other casinos powered by the same software developer, this is where it all began.

Even if it wasn’t for the 25 free spins, “Lights” would’ve kept players on the edge of their seats, with plenty of wild and scatter symbols to discover. Whenever these signs appear on active pay lines, profits will be boosted while the winning combinations increase. There are a total of 243 ways to win, so even if you don’t win the 25 free spins right away, you will have plenty of fun while boosting your bankroll in the process. The game can be played on most mobile devices and desktop PCs, so there are no restrictions.

One of the few prerequisites is for players to deposit at least €50 in order to become eligible for the free spins, which also implies that they need to have a real money account. Those who get lucky we’ll have to wait fewer than 48 hours for the 25 free spins to be credited to their account. The promotional campaign will come to an end next week, but the free spins can be used for the next seven days on any game available in BetVictor casino’s online offer, not only the game of the week.

There are almost 50 titles to choose from and the diversity of slot machines will make it easy for players to explore the entire collection without spending a dime. As soon as the current campaign comes to an end, both winners and those who failed to win the free spins can embark on a new promotion.

Paddy Power casino announces midweek promos

Paddy Power members were quite fortunate throughout June and the first half of July, as they were showered with generous promotions aimed at the World Cup 2014. The bookmaker turned online casino operator and poker room has just unveiled its latest campaigns and they will appeal to those who play a lot during the week. The vast majority of players prefer weekends, because these are the days when they have more time, but there are plenty who compete midweek.slotsguidance

Nothing good happens on Monday, but from Tuesday onwards things take a turn for the better, as one can find out by simply visiting Turnover Tuesday is the name of the promotion that starts on the aforesaid day and depending on the amount wagered, players will be eligible for more or less money. If you invest €500 or more you will receive 1% of your investment, while if you play for an amount exceeding €1400 will be eligible for €20.

It goes without saying that only highrollers will find the latter promotion accessible, but regardless of what campaign they prefer, players should opt in before starting their adventure. The same goes for Windfall Wednesday which runs for a full 24 hours and is mostly about free spins, which are awarded to those who play at least 50 games. Players are supposed to wait for the next day to have the free spins credited to their account but they can use them right away on their game of choice.

Last but definitely not least, Take Home Thursday is going to make players ease into the weekend atmosphere, while helping them forget about any losses suffered midweek. What makes this campaign special is that it will reimburse 10% of all the money lost, so those who go through a downswing will not lose everything they own. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because more promotions are expected to be announced on the Paddy Power casino website for August and beyond.

Sky Vegas Casino kick-starts the Festival of Freebets

When it comes to slot games, there is no better news for at the players than the one that free bets are coming their way. The reason for why these freebies are so much appreciated by slots fans is that they provide them with the chance to play their favorite game risk-free. Naturally, any resulting profit from these free spins belongs to the player, therefore this is a win-win situation that very few can resist.Festival of Freebets

Online casinos are fully aware of the popularity of free spins and free bets in general, so they have incorporated them in most of their campaigns. Sky Vegas Casino is at the forefront of such promotions and the latest one goes by the name of Festival of Freebets. It is an inspired hybrid between traditional online casino games and events that are generally associated to the World Cup 2014.

The competition is ongoing and many online casino players are finding it reasonable to diverse a portion of their funds to bet on the decisive matches. Sky Vegas Casino miss them half way, by providing them with a £5 Free Bet each weekend, which alleviates the risks. In order to take advantage of the free bets, players need to enter a promotional code, which goes by the name of FESTIVAL.

It is not possible to simply withdraw the money right away, because this would defeat the purpose of the free bets being credited to their account. Instead players are expected to play through the combined amount two times, which is more than reasonable. Basically, in less than an hour, those who receive the free bet can meet the wagering requirements and from that point onward they are free to do whatever they like with the money left.

Another thing that they need to keep in mind is that the free best open will expire after seven days, so they need to move relatively fast. Most of the games in their online offered to qualify for this campaign, but there are a couple of titles that were excluded and all of them are displayed on the website. On the bright side, there are no restrictions for players to use the free bets amounting conjunction with other campaigns, such as the £20,000 Cash Giveaway.

This promotion is underway and there are three specific slot games that players can choose from if they are interested in receiving a slice of the £20,000. Golden Goddess, Monopoly Dream Life and Pixies of the Forest were recently released but already have a strong fan base. When players spin the reels of any of the aforementioned titles, they accumulate tickets and the more they earn, the better the chances will be to win a significant prize in the final raffle scheduled for July 2.

Macau casinos revenues surge in 2014

2014 has been a mediocre year so far for Las Vegas based casinos, as revenue sank below similar values of 2013. Thousands of miles away, in Macau things are entirely different as casino revenues surged to new highs in the last couple of months. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the first-quarter results to be unveiled and their suspicions proved correct because the numbers were mind blowing.

Land-based casino fans find anything they seek in Macau, a place where highrollers come together to compete on ridiculously high amounts. The reason for why these casinos grew out of proportions so quickly is that a lot of money has been poured into these projects. Many of the operators who have lucrative businesses in the United States have expended to this part of Asia and they now reap the benefits, as these casinos are more profitable than those back home.

slotaguidanceIn the States, Sheldon Adelson and other casino moguls are trying to stop legislation that is favorable to online gambling, fearing that it would have a detrimental effect on their businesses. They go to great lengths to ensure the fact that legislators refrain from passing those laws that might one day allow Americans to play online without feeling the repercussions.

There are no such worries in Macau where the numbers are so encouraging that casino operators couldn’t care less about whether people play online as well, or not. The profits count into billions of dollars and the year is just half way through, so it is only fair to assume that the numbers will improve in the second half. Overall, the industry grew by a double-digit percent and this trend seems to be sustainable and it wouldn’t be excessive to project similar figures for 2015.

This is one of the few industries where estimations are proven incorrect simply because reality exceeds expectations and the most optimistic scenarios suggest that this year the revenue will surge above $50 billion. A portion of these profits are generated by the luxury hotels and resorts here, but the vast majority of money is produced by casinos.

In neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, American and European companies are testing the waters and discuss with local governments the possibility of opening similar gambling hubs. The authorities seem to be open to suggestions and in select locations huge casinos are already in the process of being built.

Lucky Red Casino launches a Bankroll boosting campaign

The last time Lucky Red Casino ran a promotion of a similar magnitude was three weeks ago, during the St. Patrick’s Day. Now that Easter is coming, those who have an account with the aforementioned casino can enjoy similar benefits as their peers who took advantage of those bonus codes. There are a couple of cash offers and plenty of free spins to take advantage of, while playing the latest slot games released.

This April, Small Fortune video slot is very likely to become the hottest game of the month and this provides players with a win-win opportunity. On one hand, they get to experience the thrills of an innovative title, on the other they become eligible for a total of 145 free spins for a total deposit of at least $80 by redeeming the EOAS100GREEN code. Those who are unwilling to invest as much and would only settle for $30, should check out the EOAS45GREEN bonus code which will trigger 45 free spins.

The free spins are awarded immediately without any additional actions being needed, but there are some wagering requirements. Before the profits made as a result of using the free spins can be withdrawn, members will have to play through these profits 25 times. On the bright side, you are not limited to the Small Fortune video slot and instead can play slots, scratch cards or keno.

slotguideAt the end of the day, the odds of getting bored are insignificant and meeting the requirements is a breeze, rather than a chore. The Small Fortune video’s popularity grew during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday and Lucky Red Casino members are still very fond of it. This is why the promotion has been extended many weeks after the celebration came to an end. Next week, we are probably going to discover brand-new promotion, but meanwhile it would be a shame to let those 145 free spins go to waste.

Build your bankroll one free spin and bonus at a time with WinPalace

Free spins remain the most popular presents that online casinos can award to their loyal customers, something that WinPalace thoroughly understands. The casino has showered players with freebies ever since it opened its doors and even more free spins will be available this month. Players get to compete for top jackpots or simply increase their bankroll one step at a time, by taking advantage of reload bonuses.winpalace

Most of the latter carry additional advantages such as free spins and given their nature they can be used over and over again without any restrictions. EMPIRE300 promo code is the one to use if you enjoy playing Caesar’s Empire slot game, as it triggers a 300% deposit bonus and 10 more free spins.

A similar reward will be given to those who use the ACHILLES300 coupon code and play the game with the same name. Not surprising, you will also receive 10 free spins and have your deposit increased three times if you use the WISHES300 code before depositing at least $150 and playing Aladdin’s Wishes.

There is also a deadline for this promotion and WinPalace set it for March 6, which means that there are only 48 hours left before the campaign comes to an end. Past performance can help us anticipate what will happen next, as many all these campaigns were expanded beyond the deadline. The reason is that when enough players jump on the bandwagon, the online casino might find it useful to give them a second chance and extend the promotion by one week or more.

With so many slot games and a nice collection of table games, WinPalace can easily keep the loyal fan base hope for a long period of time. This campaign is so versatile, that it covers all the popular titles and it is quite possible for it to endure past March 6. On the other hand, why risk missing out on the opportunity by not acting now, when there are two days left?

The combined amount of the deposit and bonus will have to be played through 30 times, although you don’t need to meet the wagering requirements before the deadline. Players who are not satisfied with the aforementioned bonus codes or have used them all and seek something new, should know that by simply making a second deposit on one day, they will have it matched 100%.

Lucky Red celebrates the Chinese New Year

slotsguideFor most people, the New Year’s Eve party is now nothing more than a distant memory, but the Chinese are celebrating it now. It is a fun festivity and Lucky Red decided to tag along, by introducing a special campaign aimed at those who want to make the occasion memorable. In fact, the promotion is so alluring that even those who have nothing to do with the Chinese new year will probably jump right on the bandwagon. The RDLS65LUCK promotional code is supposed to get the party started, as it will award 20 free spins while matching a minimum deposit of $30 by 65%.

You can use this promotional code twice if you don’t have all the money at once and hope to boost your bankroll this month, but this is not the only opportunity that the online casino presents this February. A slightly more generous bonus code goes by the name of RDLA70LUCK and just as the name suggests, the deposit is matched by 70%. The downside is that you don’t get those 20 free spins, so this promo code is more suitable for those who deposit a larger amount. Players won’t be restricted to a handful of games, instead they will get to play their favorite title in the Lucky Red Casino offer.

Those who are undecided and don’t know which promotional code to choose from, should know that the free spins are worth a total of five dollars. Since we have a total of 20 free spins to enjoy, it makes perfect sense that each of them is worth $.25, so a sizable deposit would trigger a better return on investment if you choose the RDLA70LUCK promo code.

There are of course play through requirements of 25 times for the 1st bonus and an identical one for those who choose to repeat it twice. This means that Lucky Red Casino gives all players the same chances, whether they chose to deposit the entire amount at once or had to wait before making a subsequent deposits. At least in theory, the bonus code is supposed to be used for slot games, with the introduction of free spins being the strongest argument, but players can choose different titles if they want. The only downside is that if you take longer to clear the bonus if you prefer not to play slots but something else.