WinPalace Casino announces 125% cashback promo

slotsguidanceWhen you make a deposit, you don’t want to think about the prospect of losing the investment but losing, just as winning, is a part of playing online casino games. WinPalace Casino helps you make up your mind this January, by unveiling its latest 125% cashback promo, aimed at alleviating the losses of those who run out of luck. Everything you need to know about this campaign, including the duration and limits can be found at

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to make subsequent deposits, each of them exceeding $100. The first deposit will result in a 100% cashback, while the second will raise the antes and provide you with a better return on investment. The best part is that those who choose to take advantage of this promotion, won’t find it conflicting with other bonuses or special codes. In a nutshell, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, while mitigating the risks of losing.

Speaking of promotions that can be used in conjunction with the aforesaid one, check out the LUCKYWIN codes that range from 1 to 5. Each one has a corresponding percentage at which the deposit is matched, starting at 200% for a minimum deposit of $21 and going all the way up to 364% for those who deposit $500. The particularity of this bonus code is that it is only suitable for those who are willing to play exclusively slot games.

Assuming you have different plans and table games on your mind, you will have six CARD promotional codes ranging from 1 to 6. The same mechanism is in order, with the minimal accepted amount being $21 while the most generous bonus applies to those who deposit at least $500. At least in theory, players should have an easier time in beating the odds with their initial deposit multiplied several times, but it is also refreshing to know that you have the safety net of a cashback offer in place.

Start the countdown with Lucky Red Casino

Start the countdown with Lucky Red casinoLucky Red Casino announced a brand-new promotion at the beginning of the month and the Christmas countdown celebration started as planned two weeks ago. Players were presented with several bonus codes to choose from, each of them suited for a different type of casino game and all of them promising to boost bankrolls by a high percent.

As the end of the promotion draws near, those who didn’t take advantage of this rare opportunity, should make sure that the final days won’t go to waste either. There are three RPLS70FAMILY promotional codes dedicated to those who play slot games, with each of them to be redeemed once and triggering a 70% reload bonus. Those who make three successive deposits and use each of these promo codes, can move on to RNAA25SWEET which will also add a $25 free chip.

Lucky Red Casino has a nice variety of slot games but in the unlikely case that players are hell-bent on avoiding these titles at all costs, the casino has an equally alluring alternative. The RPLA66PACK code is the one to use when making a deposit, as the bonus code stands at 66% with a total amount not to exceed $1000. The wagering requirements are the same regardless of the bonus code used, with players being expected to play through the total amount 25 times.

Things are slightly different when it comes to the free chip, as it also carries wagering requirements which are reduced to 10 times the amount. Keep in mind that the chip is not cashable, so you will only be allowed to withdraw the profits made as a result of spinning this sum at the reels. Time is quickly running out and this time players shouldn’t expect the promotion to be extended, as the end of the year is nigh.

Reload bonuses and free spins this month at Manhattan Slots

slotsguideIf you like festivities and you are also big fan of online casino slots, then you will surely appreciate the promotion recently announced by Manhattan Slots. At the cornerstone of this new promo are plenty of free spins, which are highly appreciated by those who like to spend a lot of time over the Internet spinning the reels. After all, what’s not to like about being given the chance to compete for real money without investing a dime of your own.

In order to capitalize on the 25 free spins available for the highly popular Builder Beaver video slot casino players who compete at Manhattan Slots are supposed to use the RDLS50TIMES code. In addition to the free spins, players will also receive a 50% deposit bonus that can be redeemed by turning over the total amount 20 times. There are very few strings attached and the only one that players should be aware of is that the games that count towards the play through requirements are slots, scratch cards and keno.

This only applies to the bonus and deposit, with any profits generated as a result of using the free spins being automatically credited to the player’s account. This means that anyone can choose a different game from the generous Manhattan Slots online inventory and turn newly made profits into even more money.

Those who enjoy a good run, will be able to withdraw the gains right away, while trying to meet the other wagering requirements for the deposit and bonus combined. This is only the latest promos running live at Manhattan Slots, so once it expires, new ones will replace it, so online casino players have nothing to worry about. Make sure to regularly check the promotions page for updates.

Club World Casino Halloween promos are still running

slotsguidHalloween has passed, but if you are a Club World Casino player you can still enjoy the string of tournaments and special promotions dedicated to this occasion. Obviously, the first instinct is to check out the bonuses to see how to double or even triple your first deposit, but before you do that, make sure you check out

The reason for why the main priority should be to check out the tournaments listing is that these events are not going to be around for much longer. The online casino has the healthy habit of refreshing its main tournaments just as often as it refreshes its promotions, and some of these events are simply too good to miss. As for bonus codes, the “dangerous spirits” as the Club World Casino guys like to call them are more or less harmless and have the uncanny ability of boosting first deposits.

Players get to choose between four distinct bonus codes, with the standard one going by the name of RPLA60NORMAL and consisting of a 60% bonus. If you aim for slightly more generous rewards, feel free to use the RPLA62RISING or the RPLA65CAUTION codes which will match your first deposit by 62.5% or 65%. At the top of the food chain, players will find the RPLA67DANGER promo code and it comes as no surprise that those who use it and have their first deposit matched 67%.

The first instinct would be to choose the last bonus code while dismissing the other three as irrelevant, for the simple fact that they offer lower bonuses. The reason for why players shouldn’t overlook them is that the wagering requirements are easier to meet when you have a lower amount to play through. In a nutshell, if you prefer to have some fun online play casino games without having your money blocked in an account for too long, these lower bonuses might be the right ones for you.

Each bonus code has a limited availability and even though Club World Casino makes no secret of the fact that they will be replaced by equally generous ones, players should act quickly to capitalize on them. Regardless of how much they deposit and what bonus code they choose, they will have to play through the entire amount 30 times before operating a withdrawal. Any attempt of cashing out before these conditions are met will trigger the forfeit of the bonus, so don’t be hasty and read the terms.

Manhattan Slots Online offers a special freebie

Manhattan Slots gets you in mood for HalloweenIt is customary for online casinos to offer first deposit bonuses and present customers with a generous array of reload promotional codes. All these are still on the table with Manhattan Slots Online but on top of this, the online casino offers a special reward to those who play their games throughout October. To be more precise, they will provide them with a free chip worth $25 and easier than ever wagering requirements, so that the lucky winners can withdraw the money without delays.

At its core, this is still a reload bonus promotion, with a total of $3000 up for grabs, but the free chip is mostly an incentive that will sugarcoat this offer. It all begins with the players using the RPLS65RUN bonus code whenever they decide to deposit funds, and have the amount matched 65% up to the total of $1000. The idea is to maximize the effect of this promo, by using the same code 3 times in a row and this happens to be the prerequisite for the $25 free chip as well you

The good news is that you don’t have to go for the maximum amount and even a minimal deposit of $20 will do the trick. Assuming players go for the smallest amount acceptable, they will end up doubling their bankroll while using the bonus code 3 times for a total of $60. It makes no difference whether you deposit a lot or a little, because the total amount that includes the bonus and the deposit will have to be played through 20 times before making withdrawals.

Compared to other wagering requirements, this one is easier to meet, which is yet another reason to choose Manhattan Slots Online this autumn. Players need to keep in mind that all the perks, including the bonus and the free chip are conditioned by the using of the appropriate bonus code at the very moment they make the deposit. The online casino has a tradition of offering first deposit bonuses as well as matching subsequent deposits, but this is the first time they offer a free chip as well.

It is only fair to assume that the success of this promotion will provide them with the impetus to persevere and in the upcoming months we might see them offering even larger freebies. Right now, even the $25 check should be enough for those who didn’t make up their mind yet.

Manhattan Slots showers members with free spins

Manhattan Slots showers members with free spinsIt is virtually impossible to find a single day when Manhattan Slots doesn’t offer a first deposit bonus, or other incentives for new players. The nice variety of games and promotions that stay fresh throughout the year, make this online casino a fast rising star in the industry. More recently, they seem to be focusing on a different type of freebies, namely the free spins that slot games enthusiasts are so excited about.

Those who spent most of the time playing online poker, know how important it is to enjoy a good start and that’s why they play freerolls. Basically these free spins are the equivalent and September was a great month for those who made use of their promotional codes. There is no indicator that October will be any different, in fact that are several reasons to be optimistic about what the future will bring.

For the time being we are presented with the RDLS50TURN promotional code which is a godsend for those who play Builder Beaver on a daily basis. By simply entering this bonus code when making the deposit, they would have the amount matched 50% and on top of that receive 35 free spins that can be used at the aforementioned games. In order to make a withdrawal, the player would have to meet the wagering requirement which consists of the entire amount being rolled over at least 20 times.

If you are wondering how much these free spins are actually worth, know that they represent $12.5, which without being a huge amount is still a welcomed bonus. Assuming you know nothing about Builder Beaver, it is worth mentioning that this was one of the most popular slot games of 2013. Its 25 pay lines present players with multiple opportunities of winning big and the jackpot consists of the original stake multiplied 10,000 times.

Naturally, those who play at higher stakes are more likely to win a huge amount, but the great thing is that even by taking advantage of these free spins you can compete for the jackpot. So far, nobody broke the record by winning the jackpot while free rolling, but there is a first time for everything and new Manhattan Slots could be the ones to break the ice.

The online casino is diligently working towards creating a base of loyal members, and these promotions do a brilliant job in increasing their number. Manhattan Slots is powered by Realtime Gaming casino software which is one of the best in the industry and the software developer is behind most of the popular online slots developed. With this mix of alluring promotions and a rocksolid base of new games, the online casino has good reasons to be optimistic about achieving its target for 2014.

Cashback rewards await Club World casino players

Cashback rewards await Club World casino playersOnline bookmakers are frequently running money back promotions on various markets, as an incentive for players to focus on those particular games. The rules are always straightforward and players who end up losing on one or more selections get the chance to play again by having the stakes returned. In most cases these come in the form of a free bet, which can’t be withdrawn and needs to be used on a certain market or even a game.

Club World casino runs a cashback promotion of its own, although the rules are slightly different and players can get the heads-up by visiting In a nutshell, the online casino will return a percentage of the money lost by a player over a period of time. The percentage is fixed, the more players wager the higher the cashback gets, although this should be regarded more as a safety net than a way of boosting bankrolls.

Obviously, players would prefer to win outright and render this bonus useless, but it is refreshing to know that if luck is against you on a particular day, you won’t go completely broke. Club World Casino will give 20% cash back to players on their overall losses, so this applies to the full amount rather than only the amounts lost. Highrollers should know that the maximum amount that can be returned to them is $5000, and this money is subject to wagering requirements.

This is not the only promotion that has gone live at the aforementioned casino, because those who use the WPLA60HAPPYHOUR promotional code are eligible for a special bonus. It consists of a 60% of the sum deposited and the entire amount needs to be rolled over 25 times before withdrawing it to your bank account. On the bright side, players are not confined to a narrow range of games and they get to choose the tables where they play at.

Speaking of which, Club World Casino covers all popular traditional casino games such as blackjack, video poker, slots and roulette while adding new titles. Powered by prominent software developer, this is the place where the latest slot games are introduced and some of the juiciest progressive jackpots can be won. Promotions such as the ones depicted above are only the icing on the cake and the best thing is that they can be used in conjunction to maximize returns.

Casino free spins

Since you are here, you are probably interrested in trying some slots on online casinos. There is no doubt that you are going to have a great time and you will most likelly continue playing and try new games every day or week. If you are planning on playing alot of games, then you need to keep some things in mind before you chose an online casino.

casino free spinsMind the casino free spins

Casino free spins are a kind of bonus that you recieve when you open an account and deposit money. You can also get free spins during your play on a slot game. It all comes down to which casino you are playing on if you want alot of free spins. At you can find several great casinos that offer alot of free spins, both as a welcome bonus and even later on as a loyalty bonus. Get full value for your money with casino free spins today!

Only pleasant surprises await at Aladdin’s Gold

Only pleasant surprises await at Aladdin's GoldIt makes perfect sense for online casinos to award different bonuses and exclusive promotions to their most loyal customers. On the other hand, it would be unfair for those who can’t afford to spend a lot of money online to be deprived of the same juicy promos. Luckily for Aladdin’s Gold members, the online casino doesn’t discriminate between players and provides everyone with an equal chance.

When it comes to bonuses, players decide themselves how much they want to compete for, with a broad selection of bonus codes on offer. Aladdin’s Gold Casino allows those who deposit $39 or less to have their amount matched by 60%, with the percentage growing at the same rate as the deposit. All of these bonuses are incorporated in the RPLS60GOBIG promo codes and the online casino automatically calculates the corresponding bonus depending on the size of the deposit.

It’s really doesn’t get any easier than this and the wagering requirements are sensible, so those who choose to take advantage of this promotion won’t regret their decision. The full amount needs to be turned over 20 times before operating a withdrawal, which means that the terms are clearly in the player’s favor. Even though at the first glance, one might be intimidated by the prospect of spinning the wheels so many times as to play through such a large amount, time passes much faster when you’re having fun.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino pledges to keep their promotions fresh and every week new bonus codes are posted online to replace those that recently expired. Past performance can sometimes predict future results and in this case online casino enthusiasts have reasons for optimism, as each new promotion is a bit better than the previous one. Regardless of your bankroll’s size or expectations, it is most unlikely not to find a bonus code that allows you to stay within your comfort zone while raking in a juicy bonus.

Enjoy flexible reloads at Aladdin’s Gold Casino

slotsguideMany online casinos focus almost exclusively on first deposit bonuses while counting on loyalty programs to reward those players that stick with them for longer periods of time. This makes it hard to keep people interested if they don’t spin huge amounts and are expecting generous reload bonuses, but Aladdin’s Gold Casino seem to have gotten to the bottom of this issue.

August is the best time of the year to play online slots at this casino or to make the transition from low limits to higher ones. The reason is that those who deposit this month will have the money boosted by up to 70% by simply entering the RPLS70GOOD bonus code. You don’t have to be a new player to benefit from this promotion and the best thing is that if you want to win big, you can use the same bonus code several times. This is the kind of news that can get both regulars and highrollers excited but they all need to make sure they redeem the code before the promotional period expires.

The prospect of matching your deposit at a percentage of 70% is fascinating, and the fact that you can use this bonus code 3 times only amplifies enthusiasm. On the flip side, any bonus amount being a first deposit bonus or a reload is subject to certain wagering requirements and this one makes no exception. Fortunately, Aladdin’s Gold Casino members will only have to roll over the full amount 20 times before making the withdrawal and keno games, scratch cards as well as slots and video slots qualify.

Those who have even higher expectations and won’t settle for redeeming this bonus 3 times, can also use the RPLA60TIMES bonus code. What makes this promotion special is that this code can be used over and over again, so at least in theory one can have his deposit matched by 60% indefinitely. It is slightly more difficult to meet the wagering requirements which are bumped at 25x, but those who play at high-stakes or spend long hours in front of the computer will find these requirements reasonable.

Plenty of games are eligible for wagering but not all of them have the same output, so players need to check out the terms and conditions to find the fastest way to a withdrawal. There are both advantages and shortcomings for both bonus codes, but a little research goes a long way and will enable players to make an educated decision.