Ghost Rider slots scare you for the right reasons

Playtech did a fine job in capturing the very essence of the grim character that the Ghost Rider is, in a slot game that was developed in partnership with Marvel Movies. The end result is a title that runs on a flawless software and draws a lot of inspiration from a rich lore, basically the recipe for success. Since the age limit of 18 years is already in place for gambling purposes, there is no reason to worry about how frightened players might be. The legend of the Ghost Rider is one that many movie aficionados are familiar with, but those who play this slot game for the first time are worth remembering it.

Johnny Blaze was supposed to be a stunt motorcyclist that was caught between a rock and a hard place and forced by circumstances to cut a deal with the devil. In order to save his mentor, he sold his soul and so the Ghost Rider was born, doomed to forever wander the world on his motorcycle. Some might find the story inspiring others would deem it as a bit cheesy, but everyone who plays Playtech’s latest installment will agree that the slot game is remarkable. Since the software developer was provided with such a popular theme, it would’ve been quite a shame to neglect the story behind it.

Fortunately it paid attention to details and a simple glance at the symbols populating the reels will confirm their commitment. Besides the Bible, the contract and the demon Mephisto, the flaming skull stands out from the crowd as the wild symbol which appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. Just like in every other Playtech slot games, the payouts are multiplied during free spins, which are awarded by the Ghost Rider logo which represents the scatter symbol.