Mega Fortune made another player rich at Mr Green Casino

Progressive jackpots have the reputation of making players rich overnight, but when someone actually becomes a millionaire, the impact on fellow players is stronger. Mr Green Casino is the place where some of the most popular progressive jackpot slot games are available and a few days ago, someone scored a big hit on the Mega Fortune.slotsguid

It was obvious that the jackpot will cross another psychological threshold as it surpassed €1.5 million and the number of aspiring players was on the rise. Until now, the jackpot still evaded all the players and the one who will score the winning combination will claim a seven digit amount. Meanwhile, a lucky player from Norway took in excess of €140,000 playing the very same game and winning one of the lower tier jackpots. He spends just a few dollars, so the return on investment was spectacular.

The announcement about his victory was made on the official website and the lucky Norwegian received plenty of messages congratulating him for his accomplishment. Mr Green Casino makes it easy to cash out even these huge amounts, so those who are lucky enough to take down the jackpot don’t have to worry about how long it would take to withdraw the amount.

The well-being of its members is the top priority for Mr Green Casino, but these guys also found the time to give something back to the community. They responded to the ice bucket challenge in an attempt of raising awareness about “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” also known as the ALS. Under normal circumstances, when people get challenged, they have to decide between donating $100 to the ALS Association or dumping a bucket full of cold water on top of their heads.

Once again, Mr Green Casino exceeded expectations, because they donated the required amount and also perform the famous challenge. A donation of €1000 was made and the staff didn’t hesitate to go through the icy cold ordeal, while challenging Owen Heary, the manager of Bohemian FC and the entire Green team. Members can follow the example and make a small donation to the aforesaid charitable foundation, if they prefer not to send shivers down their spines by dumping all that icy water on their heads.