Microgaming set to launch Battlestar Galactica online slots

It has become customary for Microgaming to launch visually appealing slot games that draw inspiration from famous TV shows, and the software developer does it again. It announced the imminent release of Battlestar Galactica, a slot game that will be developed in partnership with NBC Universal Television with whom they’ve recently signed an agreement. Not so long ago, Microgaming did something very similar by launching Lord of the Rings slots that were incredibly popular with their audience.

In this particular case, it is expected that the success of Battlestar Galactica will be even greater, because these slots will appeal to more fans. There are many players who are equally fascinated by the aforesaid TV show but taste pretty much anything that is sci-fi related. It comes as no surprise that Microgaming hopes to attract Star Trek and Star Wars fans as well, because these new slot game will feature many science-fiction symbols. Most modern slots are focusing exclusively on the bonus games and price structure, and don’t pay attention to the visual and the sound effects.

Luckily this is not the case with Microgaming who built a name for itself by crafting beautiful games that charm the eye before they boost the bankroll. The software developer made progress in another direction as well, as it plans to release more slot games using the QuickFire platform. The Amsterdam Master Plan will be among the first to hit the shelves, and while the connection to science fiction is severed, the slot game has the potential of being quite exciting. Players will root for the robbers as they will win big if the criminals succeed in their attempt, but the ride will be just as fun as the destination.