Mobile live dealer casino games by Playtech

Not so long ago, the very idea of playing online casino games on mobile devices sounded far-fetched but know most software developers have adapted their game to work on such gadgets. Another step forward in this industry was the introduction of live dealer games in online casinos, which combines the fun of playing against a real person and the convenience of competing from home. Now it looks like Playtech is ready to offer these players the best from both worlds by introducing mobile live dealer casino games.

This is more than an experiment and several online casinos that use their software have applied for a license, so in a not so distant future, all of their players will be able to play live dealer games on smartphones and tablets. The advantage of importing some of the most popular titles on mobile devices is obvious, as the number of players will increase dramatically. Since you’re no longer limited to playing slot games, blackjack or roulette from your desktop or laptop, it’d be much easier to spend some quality time regardless of your location.

Many players who are still reluctant to venture real money on games where the outcome is determined by the random number generators, will also find live dealer games more appealing. For now, only roulette will be available on mobile devices using Android operating systems, but in the foreseeable future new games will be added for both iOS and HTML5. Players will require fairly powerful smart phones, but with top-tier devices being similar in terms of computing power with traditional computers, this won’t be a problem for online casino games enthusiasts.

Pretty much all games that are available these days in online casinos for download or instant play, would also have mobile versions, so players won’t have to settle for subpar titles. Playtech continues to innovate the industry and it makes perfect sense for the software developer to be the one to introduce live dealer games for mobile devices. The mobile platform will accommodate new titles on a monthly basis, as chief operating officers and the managing director expressed their support for this revolutionary change.