Playing slots

Most modern slots will give you a variety of options before you start playing. You will be able to adjust the coin value, the number of coins wagered per play line and the number of play lines to bet on.

You start by selecting the coin value. There are normally a series of predetermined alternatives to chose from, e.g. $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1 och $5.

You will then determine how many of the play lines (also known as bet lines) to bet on. If you get a winning combination on a pay line that you haven’t wagered on, you will not be paid unless it’s a scatter win. Therefore, a lot of slots players prefer to bet on all play lines and will rather decrease the coin value or number of coins bet per play line than activate just a few play lines per spin.

Once you have decided which coin value to play with and how many play lines to activate, your final step will be to select how many coins to bet per play line. Your options will vary depending on which slot you play on and can for instance be 1-5 coins per play line or 1-10 coins per play line.

You can always change the settings before each spin if you want to.

If you use autoplay, the settings will be used for your preselected number of spins, unless you actively change them.


You are playing a slot machine with 50 pay lines. The available coin values are $0.10, $0.50, $1 and $2. You can be 1-10 coins per pay line.

You set the coin value to $0.50.

You decide to bet on all 50 pay lines.

You wish to bet 3 coins per pay line.

Your bet per spin will then be $0.50 x 50 pay lines x 3 coins = $75 per spin.

The lowest possible wager on this machine is $0.10 x 1 pay line x 1 coin = $0.10 per spin.

The highest possible wager on this machine is $2 x 50 pay lines x 10 coins = $1 000 per spin.


On most slot machines, the number of coins wagered on a winning pay line will affect the size of the payout, either for all pay out or for certain winning combinations.

This is an example of a payout schedule for a slot machine with seven possible winning combinations:

Symbol combination 1 coin wagered 2 coins wagered 3 coins wagered
3 Bells 2000 5000 15000
3 Sevens 60 120 180
3 BAR 50 100 150
3 Plums 40 80 120
3 Oranges 30 60 90
3 Lemons 25 25 25
3 Cherries 20 20 2

As you can see, this slot machine has a payout schedule where only larger winnings are affected by the number of coins wagered. For the two smallest wins, the payout is the same for 1 coin bets, 2 coins bets and 3 coin bets

It is also important to note, that while 2 000 x 2 is 4 000, you get a payout of 5 000 for 3 bells on a 2 coin wager on this machine. This is quite common in slot machines – increasing the number of coins will give you disproportionally higher payouts. 2 000 x 3 is just 6 000, but this machine will pay you whopping 15 000 for 3 bells on a 3 coins wager.

In the case of progressive jackpots, it is not unusual for these jackpots to be available only to players who wager the maximum bet or at least the maximum number of coins on all pay lines (regardless of coin value). If your goal is to win a progressive jackpot, always check the rules of the slot game you’re interested in before you start playing.

Regardless of what casino and which country you play in, you allways get the same chance to win since most casinos get their slots from the same game developer. We can highly recommend a Swedish online casino since they put alot of effort in creating great websites with the best usability.