Take slot games to the next level

While we are fairly familiar with notions such as high rollers roulette or blackjack, there are fewer players who are willing to gamble large amounts on slots. The explanation for this situation has nothing to do with the players’ confidence in these games, but the fact that few online casinos are offering slot games for highrollers. The limits are insignificant if compared to roulette, and in most cases players can only wager a couple of dollars as a maximum bet. For many this is enough as they look for nothing more than a couple of hours of quality entertainment, but others are ready to take slot games to the next level.

This brings us to online casinos that cater almost exclusively for highrollers, and 888 is one of the companies that these elite players will find ideal for their agenda. Euro Reels is without a doubt the most appreciated slot in their offer, as players have no reason to frown upon the maximum wager of $200 per spin. In addition to the great collection of bonuses and loyalty campaigns that 888 is famous for, players will find a safe haven in these online casino and will have no reason to relocate.

Betsafe is not usually regarded as the place to go for highrollers, due to the fact that neither their roulette or blackjack maximum wagers are on par with other casinos. Slot machines is what they shine at, with betting limits of no less than $100 per spin, players can get their adrenaline fix. Among the most popular titles it is worth mentioning Crusade of Fortune and Ghost Pirates which are played at a fast pace and provide players with hundreds of different ways to win.